The Australian Institute of Comparative Legal Systems (AICLS) is a not for profit institution which organizes and runs conferences and conducts other activities in Australia and internationally aimed at the comparative study of legal systems and forms of jurisprudence.

It is an associated aim of AICLS to promote the study of comparative legal systems through the provision of support for scholarship in the field.

Affiliation with EPLC

AICLS is affiliated with the European Public Law Centre based in Athens, Greece: http://www.eplc.gr  

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The Hague Institute for the Internationalization of Law: www.hiil.org

Latest News

May 2013 Lecture Series

A course in Ancient Legal Systems to be presented in May 2013 more

Scheduled Activities in Australia

Ancient Legal Systems

Kevin O'Toole will be presenting a series of lectures at the University of Western Australia beginning May 6, 2013, on the subject of.. more

International Activities